NEW: Double shell

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Double shell made of recyclable & stable material.
A must for every food truck, snack bar
carrier, street food maker and ideal to go packaging for out-of-home sales. Our new double shell is a future-oriented alternative to the classic polystyrene shell. With the double shell, the end customer has his snack under control from the first to the last bite.

This shell is intended for the high demand to plastic-free and sustainable materials. Look an Feel of this packaging is accompanied with a desire after a plastic-free alternative.

Greasy or moist foods can be eaten without any problems.

(Potato wedges with herb curd, sausage with french fries, french fries with mayonnaise or dips, chicken wings with sweet and sour sauce, pulled pork with coleslaw or much more). Especially for use in system or individual catering or for food trucks and street customers, the double shell has a lot of benefits:

  • can be heated quickly and easily in the microwave
  • complete sustainable - plastic-free
  • increased edge - therefore particularly stable
  • safe for the transport of food
  • compostable - for an environmentally aware out-of-home sale
  • Made in Germany

The actual materials are FSCĀ®-certified.

With our FSCĀ® inventory, our company stands for responsible use of resources.

We look forward to your requests!